Which natural products may be harmful to your skin and why

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natural products may harmful skin

People make every possible effort to get a flawless and beautiful skin. They adopt different techniques and methods to eliminate skin related problems. Earlier, people use chemical based products to enhance the beauty or natural products. The majority of people are aware of the fact that the beauty products available in the market are based on chemicals. Due to the presence of chemical, the people now prohibit the usage of beauty products available in the market and have started using natural products to enhance their beauty. The natural products provide better and safe results. But this does not mean that you blindly use any natural products. Every natural product is not beneficial for the skin. There are some natural products which can be dangerous to your beauty. (Also read: How to get rid of the dry skin from leg and feet)

Let’s know what natural things are harmful to you and why.

Coconut oil
People with oily skin should use the least amount of coconut oil because coconut oil accumulates on the skin quickly. If you apply coconut oil to the skin it closes the skin pores and causes acne.

The nature of cinnamon is hot. Due to hot in nature the cinnamon cause irritation on the skin. This depends on the sensitivity of the skin, so before using cinnamon do a patch test. (Also read: What Are The Dos & Don’ts Every Man Should Know While Shaving Body Hair)

Lemon juice
Lemon juice is acidic in nature, which often causes red spots or allergies when you use it on the skin. So before using it, please do patch tests on your hands.

Tomato juice
People use tomatoes juice to remove the acne and stains from the face. But it can be dangerous for dry skin because this can also cause skin irritation.

Milk cream
The use of milk cream is very common to enhance the beauty. But you should use it according to your skin type because it closes the skin pores if applied to the oily skin. If you have oily skin stop using the milk cream otherwise it may cause problems like whiteheads. (Also read: How men can take care of their skin in summers)

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