Why multani mitti is beneficial for healthy hair

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multani mitti beneficial healthy hair

Everyone desires for long and thick hair as they add extra charm to the personality. The people are very concerned about there hair but due to excess stress, dirt, pollution and unhealthy eating habits, people face a lot of hair related problems. They face problems like hair loss, itching, dandruff and others. To get rid of these problems, people adopt many methods and technique. Surprisingly, they do not get desired results in the long term as the products available in the market contain chemicals. If you are also facing hair- related problems then Multani Mitti may help you. Multani mitti clears the hair dirt and also removes other hair related problems. The Multani mitti also keep the scalp healthy. (Also read: Why it is right to use BB cream)

Let’s know why Multani mitti is beneficial for healthy hair.

Works like cleanser
Multani mitti works like a cleanser and removes dirt from the scalp. It also cleans the oil from the scalp and maintains the natural oil. The natural oil in scalp promotes hair growth.

Improves blood circulation
Applying Multani mitti on your scalp improves blood circulation. Therefore hair follicle gets better nourishment with increased blood flow. (Also read: How to take care of your skin at night in a summer season)

Works as a conditioner
Multani mitti works as a conditioner for hair as it mild in nature. The Multani mitti works effectively to make hair smoother, silky and shiny. Apart from this, it also helps in repairing hair and removes stiffness of the hair.

Keeps the scalp healthy
Multani mitti keeps the scalp healthy. If you consistently apply Multani mitti on the scalp it will reduce problem like itching dandruff and eczema.

Removes Toxins
Multani mitti destroys toxins that are there on hair and scalp, as well as eliminating hair odour. Therefore, use Multani mitti for healthy hair. (Also read: What are the healthy tips that help to get rid of dark lips)

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