How much protein do we need to prevent hair loss

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How much protein do we need to prevent hair loss

Hair loss can be because of many reasons like poor hair care routine, deficiency of proper nutrients, too much usage of chemicals in hair, pollution, excess exposure to Sun etc. However, protein plays a major role in maintaining the hair health. Our hair is made up of protein and deficiency of protein can cause some serious hair problems. Our hair is always in the growing phase. Old and dead hair fall off and new ones grow each day. On an average falling of 80-100 hair is universal. However, excess falling of hair can be because of various reasons. Inadequate amount of protein in the body is the most common cause of hair fall. Let’s find out how much protein do we need to have a healthy hair.(Also read: How does sudden weight loss affect your hair)

How much protein do we need to prevent hair loss?

Hair is made up of protein and the deficiency of protein not only prohibits the healthy growth of hair but also makes the existing hair fall off. Our hair needs protein to initiate the growth of new hair and also to maintain the proper health of the existing hair. When the level of protein in our body drops, our body shows the sign by causing hair loss.

Vegetarians have a high deficiency of protein in their body. On an average, a human body needs around 10 to 35 percent of protein from the daily diet and calories they consume. Depending upon the number of calories, the requirement of proteins keeps fluctuating. AN adult human body needs around 45 to 55 gm of proteins daily. (Also read: Some quick steps to get rid of sunburn)

Sources of proteins
Dairy products, meat, soy, nuts, grains and beans are some of the high-quality protein-rich foods. Eggs are one of the rich sources of proteins. Besides this meat, fish, peanut butter etc. can be taken on the daily basis to satiate the deficiency of proteins in the body.

Causes of hair loss
At times, there are some strange reasons behind hair fall. Like eating disorder, thyroid, weakness, fungal infection, high level of vitamin A etc. Thus, a person should take an adequate diet rich in all essential nutrients to prevent the hair loss. (Also read: What are the possible side effects of straightening your hair)

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