Five Most Effective Skincare Tips For Men

Most Effective Skincare Tips For Men


Nowadays men are also conscious about their looks, appearance and especially about their skin. However, taking care of the looks does not mean doing pedicure, manicure makeup and so. But it is something related to skin care and personal hygiene. So, if you still think that men do not need to care about their skin, then we would like to inform you that it is as important as taking bath.

So, let us have a look at the skincare regime of men which must be followed and taking care of. Hope below information would help you.

But first, CTM is important:
CTM is cleansing, toning and moisturising which is the most important part of any skincare regime. Exposing to pollution, cigarette, smoke, sun definitely make skin poor and damaged. Also, men are having oilier and thicker skin than women. So, you can imagine how important CTM is for men too. A good facial cleaner is needed to cleaning the skin first. It basically sanitises the skin. After that, rose water or a cotton dipped in astringent is needed to the skin. It is toning. Lastly, a thick moisturiser is must to apply. This is the entire process of CTM.

You too need a Sunscreen:
Men usually tend to ignore applying sunscreen while going out. But it is important for every human being. The UV rays of sun damage the skin of both men and women. Men should use sunscreens which contain minimum SPF 30. You should apply it on your face neck and hand. Make sure to use this 15 minutes before heading out, so that it absorbed well into your skin.

Exfoliation is much needed:
Exfoliation removes the dead skin from your skin. If you do not scrub your skin, your sweat pores will be blocked with dirt. This causes skin breakouts. Removing the dead cells and cleaning the pores from the skin helps you look brighter and glowing. Try to use a scrub which is gel based, so that it does not make your skin go dry.

Keep Those manly lips young:
Do not avoid the lip care. They also get tanned and chapped. Moreover, you should remember your lips are ageing fast. As the years are passing by, your lips are having fine lines. Even before your entire face. A good lip balm would be great to make them soft and supple. Try using the balm with SPF so that it can protect your lips from the sun rays too.

Say NO to wrinkles:
Your skin around your eyes is as sensitive as women. The lack of sweat and oil glands make your under eye dehydrated. This forms fine lines and wrinkles eventually. To avoid this, you should use an under eye cream around your peepers in every morning and before bed. Hope this helps.

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