5 mistakes that you are making with your nails

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mistakes that you are making with your nails

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Our nails play an important role in making a beauty statement. From choosing the right shade of nail polish to filing them in a right shape, every step is crucial for giving them a well-groomed look. However, we all focus on the look of our nails but not on their health.
We all are guilty of harming our nails in one way or another. These habits might not look harmful but they are ruining the health of your nails. [Also read: How to take better care of your nails]

Using your nails to remove the nail polish
Most of the time we don’t even notice that we are actually using our nails to remove our nail polish. This habit destroys our nail’s top layer. Consequently, it makes our nails weak.

Not using acetone free nail polish removers
Most nail polish contains acetone. Acetone is really harmful to our nails as it causes nails to dehydrate. If you use it on a regular basis, then it might also cause white spots on the nails. If you keep changing your nail polish often, then it is better to switch to acetone free nail polish remover.  [Also read: 5 Common Mistakes People Make While Using Dry Shampoo]

Avoiding to use base coats
When we are applying makeup, it is important to use foundation. In the same way, base coat acts like a foundation for a perfect look for your nails. It not only makes the nail polish look better but also protects the nail’s natural oils. It makes your nails stronger and helps the nail polish to last longer.

Filing the nails in to and fro motion
Filing of nails in a to and fro motion can cause splits and cracks in the nails. It is better to pick one direction to shape them.

Nail biting
Nail biting is often considered a way to distract yourself in the case of anxiety. However, nail biting affects the nails in a very negative manner. It hampers the growth of the nails and also ruins their appearance. [Also read: How is papaya beneficial for skin and hair]

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