Makeup mistake: What are the most common makeup mistakes one must avoid

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common makeup mistakes

One must take care of the skin while applying makeup.

Makeup mistake: Every girl likes to do some makeup to look perfect. However, some girls tend to do it over the top and look made-up. Everything done in excess looks disastrous. When it comes to makeup, one must be extra careful. A little amount of makeup on the face is enough to give your looks an oomph factor. But not everyone gets the trick right. First of all, it is essential for your skin right and then one must buy the products accordingly. Also, one must not apply makeup or any other product on the face in an excess amount as it snatches off the natural look of the face. Here are some most common makeup mistakes, one must try to avoid. (Also read: Common Eye Makeup Mistakes Which Hurt Our Eyes)

Common makeup mistakes: Makeup mistakes one must try to avoid

  • Excess washing of the face
  • Puting makeup on dry skin
  • Applying too much foundation
  • Adding too much shine to your makeup
  • Using excess lipstick

Excess washing of the face
Though face cleansing and washing of face are necessary steps to start with the makeup. However, over washing the face makes your skin dry and dull. It snatches away the natural oil of the skin and it spoils the overall look of the face. (Also read: Which cleansing mistakes make your skin look aged)

Puting makeup on dry skin

makeup mistakes which everyone must avoid
Over washing face and applying makeup on the dry skin leads to patches on the face.

After washing the face, the next step is to moisturise it evenly. Applying makeup on the dry skin leads to rough patches and dry patches. So, always moisturise your skin properly before applying any makeup.

Applying too much foundation
Excess application of any product on the face makes your look a disaster one. So, apply a little or the required amount. Use foundation in moderation to even out the skin tone. An excess foundation will make your face look cakey.

Adding too much shine to your makeup

Makeup mistakes: One must not apply makeup in excess as it spoils the overall look.

A little shine or glitters on your face is alright if you are going to a party or a cocktail. However, adding too much bling or glitters to your eyes, cheeks, lips etc. will make you look like a clown.

Using excess lipstick
Many girls are in the habit of applying lipstick coat after coat. It not only darkens the lip colour way too much but also makes your lipstick bleed. So, apply in a minimal amount to all a shade to your lips.

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These are some of the most common makeup mistakes which every woman makes while doing her makeup, You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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