Five makeup hacks to get the right look in 10 minutes

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Five makeup hacks to get the right look in 10 minutes

It is a common belief that for a perfect makeup look it is important to spend time on it. However, during hectic days it is not possible to find time to fix your look. That is why often you are left with a sloppy and untidy look. This has also an impact on your entire appearance. So it is important to know the beauty hack to hide your mistake. These simple ways can help you to appear well-groomed and sophisticated all at once. The best part of them, they take very little of your time and efforts. [Also read: Simple morning rituals you should follow to get glowing skin]

The concealer trick
When you are in a hurry, you often make a mistake with your makeup. Sometimes a stain on the face, or smudged lipstick. In such cases, a quick dab of concealer can help to hide the stains and marks.

Contour using two different coloured foundations
If you find it hard to contour using the two toned powder in a single application. In place of this, you can use two shades of foundations. One darker than your skin tone and one lighter than it. It is quick and easy to apply. Also, you can experiment with them, like sticking to just highlighting or contouring.

Lip balm for your cheeks
It might sound strange but you can use lip balm in place of a blusher. The applying method of the balm is simple and it will help you to save time quite easily. [Also read: Best natural oils for removing makeup]

Body lotion for hair
A bad hair day can destroy your entire look. Surprisingly, the body lotion is the best possible way to get rid of the frizziness and rough hair. Take a small amount of body lotion and apply over it. This will help you to get rid of a bad hair day at once.

Use eyeshadow to fill in the eyebrows
Well groomed eyebrows can change your entire look. However, if you are in a hurry you can use the eyeshadow to fill in the eyebrows.  [Also read: Ice cubes can help you get rid of open pores on your face]

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