Makeup and skincare tips that help to hide your age

makeup and skincare tips that help to hide your age

While applying makeup, you have to take care of some things so that you can keep your skin young after applying chemical-based products. Makeup is used to look young. But for doing proper makeup one need to know the right trick. And makeup and skincare go hand in hand. So, post-makeup proper skincare is also necessary to look young. However, there are some easy and important tips which one should follow while doing makeup.

Let’s know about these tips.

Do not place much foundation

After applying a thick layer of foundation, cracks and fine lines appear on the skin shortly after. So to apply it properly, first put some moisturizer on the face, then add the primer and little foundation. You can also apply the serum after moisturizing.

Moisturize the eyelids

When putting moisturizer on the face, do not forget to apply it on the eyelids. A fine line can be seen due to the dry eyelid, which are signs of ageing. Prior to applying makeup on the eyes, the primer helps the eyes to look beautiful.

Correct eyebrows

Having properly shaped eyebrows, your face looks young. So do not forget to keep eyebrows. If your eyebrows are thin then thicken with the help of eyebrow pencil. So that the face looks good.

Moisturize the lips

If you moisturize the lips in the right way it looks good in appearance, as well as lipstick looks right. Keep in mind that you remove the bad skin from the lips every two weeks so that the lips do not get chapped. Always put moisturizers on the lips to stay away from chapped lips.

Eliminate eye exhaustion

You look older due to the eyes looks tired. So take proper sleep and drink more water. Also, put cucumbers on the eyes so that the eyes don’t look exhausted.

Make the hair thick

With age, your hair starts getting thinner and falls too. Therefore, make the hair thicker or increase its volume. You can use the roller for this. Also, use the round brush to change your hairstyle.

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