How to make the makeup last longer on oily skin

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How to make the makeup last longer on oily skin

Everyone has a different type of skin. Some woman have oily, some have dry while others have combination skin. Therefore, the makeup tips also need to be different from one another. Not every product goes along with each skin type. Besides this, one needs to take extra care of the beauty tips. Besides this, while applying makeup on oily skin, one must be extra careful so that the makeup does not bleed after some time. Many women become ignorant of the necessary skin care routine and end up with too much oil and grease on their face. It eventually looks unappealing and needs to be tackled as soon as possible. In fact, making the makeup last longer is a challenging task and needs to be taken quite seriously. (Also read: What are the best skin tightening face masks to uplift your cheeks)

How to make the makeup last longer on oily skin?

Clean your face properly: Woman who has an oily skin needs to cleanse her face properly. Make sure you use a face wash that contains Salicylic acid, as it helps to break down the oil from the skin. Besides this, keep your hands clean all the time, as when you touch your face, it becomes oily and also transfers germs to your skin.

Always clean your T-zone: The oiliest region on the face is the T zone. Use a rubbing alcohol to wipe off that area properly. It has got antiseptic properties which help to remove the bacteria from the skin completely. It also helps to avoid the onset of acne on the skin. (Also read: How to take care of your dull and lifeless skin)

Use an oil-free moisturiser: Moisturising is the most important step for preparing the skin. One must never skip this step. Use oil-free moisturise with good SPF. This is one of the first steps to nourish the skin and let it settle on the skin properly.

Use face powder: Usually, we first apply foundation and then use a face powder. However, the ones who have oily skin should first apply powder to soak the oil and then apply foundation. It fills up the pores of the skin so that the oil does not come out on the skin.

Avoid using concealer on eyelids: Often eyelids lead to crease formation. Thus, avoid using a foundation on the eyelids. Use a matte primer in place of a concealer to avoid the oil on the skin.

Use a clay face mask once in a week: Clay mask help to soak the excess oil from the skin. One can use a green clay mask, white clay, brown clay, red clay to remove the oil from the skin. It contains potassium, magnesium, silica which helps to open the pores of the skin making it glowing and soft.

Besides this, always carry a bloating paper with you to soak the extra oil time to time. Just keep the paper on the oily area and it will soak the oil completely. Do not rub the face with it, as it may spoil the makeup. (Also read: What are the morning skincare mistakes one might be making)

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