How To Make Your Lip Colour Last Longer

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How To Make Your Lip colour Last Longer


Girls generally struggle with lip colours. It restricts us from eating, drinking, kissing and sometimes make us too conscious to even talk. In fact, some matte lipsticks too do not last long. We girls, love to keep those petal lips colours and that is why need several touchups to keep the colours intact. So, we have come up with some amazing tricks which can make your lip colour stay longer than usual. No matter what texture it has, these tips can make any lipstick last longer. Hence have a look. (Also Read: How To Get Rid Of Dark Lips Naturally At Home)

First, exfoliate the lips:
Before applying the lip colours, you have to exfoliate your lips thoroughly. You need to take out the dead cells from the lips to make the lipstick stay longer on your lips. You just have to take a soft brush and have to rub your lips softly.

Moisturise your lips:
After exfoliation, you should not avoid moisturising your lips, otherwise, they become extra dry and chap. So, take a little amount of petroleum jelly or a very good moisturiser to keep your lips moisturized before applying the lip colour.

Use a paper tissue:
Take a paper tissue and dap it on your lips just to erase the extra moisturiser. This process will help the lipstick to place on your lips easily.

Apply a lip primer:
Before applying a lipstick you should a lip primer just to make the lipstick place better and stick to your lips only. This will help the colour to stay on your lips longer.

Apply the lipstick:
Now apply the lipstick carefully with one good coat. Do not leave a single space and apply it all over the lips. If you have the same lip colour then apply it too.

Apply powder:
After applying the first coat of lipstick, take a tissue paper and dab this to your lips. Take the thinnest part of the tissue and apply a talcum powder over the tissue. It will help your lips get the very less of powder. After doing this, brush your lips lightly with your softest makeup brush.

Apply the final coat:
Finally, take the lipstick again and apply it on your lips. This process ends the lip care and keeps the colour last longer. The powder base makes the lip colour matte and stable. Eventually, this final coat completes the entire process. Now eat, drink, kiss as much as you want. Your ordinary lip colour is now smudge-proof. (Also Read: Remove Your Upper Lip Hair Naturally With Easy Methods)

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