DIY Kajal(Kohl): How to make almond kohl at home naturally

Best way to make almond kajal at home naturally

DIY Almond kajal: How to make almond kohl at home.

DIY Kajal: Kajal or Kohl adds definition and beauty to the eyes. Most of the women love to wear kajal in their eyes. It helps to look more beautiful and adds an oomph factor to your looks. These days, markets are flooded with so many varieties of kohl. Earlier people were aware only about a black colour kohl. However, today we have kohl available in every colour like brown, grey, green, blue etc. But nothing is best then applying a natural kohl in the eyes. A homemade natural kohl is extremely healthy for the eyes and removes the impurities. Almond kohl or almond kajal can be prepared easily at home. Let’s see how. (Also read: How To Use Almond Oil To Remove Makeup)

DIY Kajal at home: How to make almond kajal at home naturally?

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You need to have around 4-5 almonds, some aloe vera gel, coconut oil, tweezer, a plate or a ceramic bowl. (Also read: What are the common mistakes while applying kajal)


How to make almond kajal at home
DIY Kohl: Almond kajal is great for eyes.

In order to prepare the almond kohl at home you need to:

  • Take the almond in the tweezer and bring it closer to the gas flame.
  • Keep burning it for around 10 minutes till it becomes crisp.
  • Now make the paste of burnt almonds.
  • Blend it smooth.
  • Now take some fresh aloe vera and take out the gel from it.
  • Next, add aloe vera gel and coconut oil both to the almond powder.
  • Make sure the coconut oil is melted so that it can help to make a smooth paste.
  • Now store the kajal or the kohl in an airtight container and you can use it anytime.


DIY almond kajal at home
DIY kajal: One can make almond kajal or kohl easily at home.

Always put some talcum powder under your eyes before applying the homemade almond kajal. The homemade kajal must dust down and get smudged. So, use talcum powder as a caution. Never apply too much kajal in your inner eyes. Almond kajal helps to initiate the growth of the eyelashes and also improves the vision of the eyes.

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This is the simple way to make the perfect almond kohl or kajal at home naturally. you can read this article in Hindi as well.

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