What Are The Major Mistakes Make You Age Overnight

What Are The Major Mistakes Make You Age Overnight

Many of us are unaware of many skincare bloopers. These mistakes can make anyone lose the goodness of the skin easily. The worst part is, we know about to do basic skincare at night. But do you know what are the mistakes you make when it comes to skincare? These mistakes can age you overnight. So, just imagine, if you repeat these mistakes every night, you will move to ageing skin very fast. This signifies that it is not just necessary to know about the skincare, but you should know about the skin care mistakes too. Hence, have a look at the following and know about these mistakes which can make you age overnight. (Also Read: How Gram Flour or Besan Can Be Great For Your Skin And Hair)

Sleeping on your face:
How many of you sleep on your face? If you have this habit then change it as soon as possible. When you do this, it immediately causes puffiness and swollen eyes. The main reason is happening this is, the gravity pulls the fluid on your face downwards. So, your face looks puffy and aged. Moreover, this can lead your face to sag and loss of collagen over time.

Not removing your makeup before bed:
Many of us feel lazy to remove makeup before bed. This is the worst thing we do to our skin. All types of cosmetics contain chemicals. However, the quality differs product to product but the harmful effects are no less. Moreover, it is extremely important to remove the makeup before bed and apply any soothing moisturiser. (Also Read: What Are The Ways To Soothe Your Skin Post Waxing)

Using excessive skincare products:
Many of us use a lot of skincare products. You may not know but the skincare products do contain retinol which is used to prevent wrinkles and fight acne. But if you mix and match these products and use on your face, it can cause dryness and increase skin irritation. So, when these problems happen your skin starts appearing dull and aged.

Not drinking enough water:
When you do not drink enough water, it effects on your skin overnight. Water is an essential component of the skin which makes it firm and clear. So, when you are not hydrated, the skin loses turgor and bounce. So, it can make your skin dull and lifeless overnight. (Also Read: What Does Your Skin Can Tell You About Your Diet)

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