Important tips to remove razor burns

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Important tips to remove razor burns

Shaving is something you have to be very careful while doing. During this, you are giving so much stress on your skin which can give birth to some fallouts as well. Razor burn is one such fallout.

Basically, razor burn is an inflammation which happens on the skin. This inflammation can include any cuts, nicks, scratches and irritation which follow the shaving.

Identifying the factors that might lead to this painful skin condition is the basic part of preventing this disease. This could happen because of a sensitive skin and inadequate lubrication during shaving. It can also be a result of a reaction from certain creams, substances or ingredients. This is also possible if you are shaving too closely or too quickly. Sometimes, shaving with a blunt blade or giving too much pressure during shaving can also cause this.

Often, shaving against the direction of the hair growth is another factor which makes razor burns. Similarly, shaving over already irritated or sensitised areas do the same.

Here are some tips how you can prevent the razor burns.

Soften the hair before shaving:

It’s good to use some good quality shaving foam or gel throughout the hair before shaving. It can give you a less irritating and closer shave along with smooth the skin. You can apply some warm water or steam for the same purpose.

Shave at the right time:

It’s better to shave in the morning like many of us do. As the skin has been resting all the night, it would be relaxed and softer in the morning. During the day time, the skin grapples with sun, dirt and humidity causing the pores get clogged. This brings discomfort and razor burn.

Similarly, it’s good to shave after taking shower. During this time, the skin would be clean, elastic and pores are open. Clean the skin with soap-free cleaning lotion before shaving.

Shave with the grain:

This means, shave in the direction of the hair. Shaving against the direction could increase the chances of razor burns. Even though this may take multiple passes to clear the hair,  it reduces the chances of cuts or slices.

Use safety razor:

It’s important to check which razor you are using.  Using razors with multiple blades is not a good idea as it overdoes the shaving exercise.

Use light and short strokes: You can cut the hair with a light blade. You don’t have to exert more pressure. Otherwise, you would face razor burns.

Don’t use blunt razors: Using a blunt blade to shave is definitely not a good idea. It creates a lot of drag on the skin and ends up tearing it.

Clean the blade, possibly after every stroke:

Since there could be a lot of bacteria on the blade you should wipe the blade with some rubbing alcohol intermittently.

Rinse face with cold water:  After shaving, you should splash some cold water on your face.

Apply moisturiser:

An alcohol-free and good quality moisturiser is another thing you should after shaving.

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