Ice cubes can help you get rid of open pores on your face

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Ice cubes can help you get rid of open pores on your face

An open pore is something which makes many of us feel embarrassed. It stands in the way of our flawless face. This mostly happens among those who have oily skin which happens due to excess oil secretions. Basically, the pores are some extremely small holes on the skin. The natural oil which the skin generates passes through these pores.

Pores function as the supplier of the oil to the skin surface so that the skin is maintained naturally. The size of the pores can vary from person to person depending upon their age and genetics. The changes in the size can affect their functioning as well.

So, here are the way to avoid these pores from your face

Ice Cube is helpful to get you away from open pores

Mostly, open pores surface on the face on or around cheeks. The size of the pores can go even bigger as you grow older. If the pores are clogged it leads to accumulating dirt, dead skin cells and oil, thus making the pores more visible. To cleanse these pores are the way out to prevent them from growing further.

There are many chemical products you can buy from the market which can clean the clogged open pores. But, if you are not careful enough, the frequent usage of these products could pose serious side effects and risk your skin. Now, get a couple of ice cubes and cleanse the pores with them. These ice cubes can also give you a healthier and naturally glowing skin.

Since ice cubes are completely natural, using these cubes can remove the excess oil and dirt from your face quickly and easily. Those who have a sensitive skin or acne on their face should never use chemical cleaners, but, they should rather go for ice cubes.

How to use ice cubes

You have to just rub your face with the ice cubes for a minute or two. Apart from removing the dirt and oil from the pores, this can also make your face look smoother. It will be more helpful if you wrap the cubes in a cloth and apply it on the open pore more gently rather than applying it directly.

Some people also add some oil before the freezing so that they can become more effective and suitable for your skin. Another amazing part of the ice cube use is, it costs you zero penny.

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