How To Use Petroleum Jelly To Fix Major Beauty Blunders

How To Use Petroleum Jelly To Fix Major Beauty Blunders

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When you pack your makeup bag, have you ever consider putting a box of petroleum jelly along? No, right? But you would be amazed after knowing how helpful petroleum jelly can be to fix many beauty blunders and hazards. It is something which can be as great as your favourite moisturiser when it comes to fixing many beauty blunders. So, let us have a look to these beauty hacks which could be incomplete without a bottle of petroleum jelly.

The best makeup remover:
Very small amount of petroleum jelly can be great to take off your make up. Adding some amount of jelly to your dry or wet wipes can create wonders. Else you can massage some jelly to your eyes, lips and cheeks. Now use a wipe to remove the makeup. You are done. Moreover, using petroleum jelly as a makeup remover can work like a moisturizer too.

How To Use Petroleum Jelly To Fix Major Beauty Blunders

To fix your split ends:
Yes! Petroleum jelly can help you to fix your split ends. Imagine you have to go to some special occasion and you see your splits ends are creating hazards. The only option which can take you out of this problem is petroleum jelly. You just need to hold the split ends carefully and apply some amount of jelly to those ends by applying it from top to bottom. It may make your ends look a little oily. So, the amount you take should be moderate which can make your hair look shiny and moisturised.

When you want to heal your cracked heels:
If your heels are getting cracked you should not leave them bare. Apply some petroleum jelly to those areas and wear socks before going to bed. Wearing socks can make your heels stay warm and out of the chilly wind. This combination will heal those cracked skin and make them natural like before.

To make eyelashes enlarged:
If you forget to carry a mascara on your make up kit, you can apply some amount of petroleum jelly to your eyelashes. It makes your lashes look larger and fuller. Just take some small amount of jelly on your fingertip and apply to your lashes like the mascara brush. It works like a miracle.

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