How To Use Masoor Daal To Have A Wonderful Skin

How To Use Masoor Daal To Have A Wonderful Skin

Masoor daal is an essential part of every Indian kitchen. Masoor daal is the Indian name of a type of lentil. This orangy lentil has a lot of health benefits. In fact, it has enrichment of various nutrients like minerals, proteins, vitamins, antioxidants etc. These amazing nutrients can work like wonders on our skin. From removing the tan to making the skin glow, Masoor daal has a lot of beauty benefits. It is good for all skin types and can reduce the different skin type problems. Hence, have a look at the following and know how to use masoor daal to have better skin. (Also Read: How Is Watermelon Beneficial For Skin And Hair)

Masoor daal for brighter skin:
To make your skin glowing, Masoor daal can be extremely beneficial. To use this, you have to soak some Masoor daal overnight. Next day morning grind this and make a thick paste. Now add 1 tsp raw milk and 1 tsp almond oil to the paste and mix all well. After that apply that on your face and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Finally, wash it with cold water.

Masoor daal to treat dull skin:
Masoor daal can instantly add a glow to your skin and repair the dead cells which make you appear dull and dark. So, to use this, you have to roast some Masoor daal in a pan. Now you have to add some dried orange peel into the daal. Now grind it and mix it with some milk to make a thick paste. Apply that paste and leave it for 15 minutes. Finally, wash your skin with cold water. (Also Read: How Black Pepper Can Provide You A Healthy Skin)

Masoor daal to tighten the pores:
Masoor daal can tighten your skin pores to make you appear youthful. So, to use this, you have to grind some masoor daal and have to apply directly to your face and neck. After leaving it for 15 minutes, you have to wash your face with cold water. After that apply a moisturiser to your face.

Masoor daal to treat dry skin:
Masoor daal can help you deal with your dry skin. You have to soak some masoor daal in a bowl of milk overnight. Next day morning grind it and apply all over to your face and neck. After keeping it for 20 minutes, you have to wash it with cold water. If you have oily skin, you have to use rose water instead of milk. (Also Read: How To Make Wheat Flour Face Packs For Glowing Skin)

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