How to use hydrogen peroxide to remove acne

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how to use hydrogen peroxide to remove acne

Having acne on your face reduces the charm of your beauty. If you use different types of remedies to get rid of acne and yet no result is available then hydrogen peroxide can be a great option. Hydrogen peroxide is used to enhance facial colour and get rid of acne. It also removes the marks caused by acne. But before using hydrogen peroxide, it is necessary to know the correct way, because it can damage your skin if you use it inadvertently. (Also read: What Are The Benefits Of Oxygen Facial)

Let’s know how to get rid of acne by using hydrogen peroxide.
how to use hydrogen peroxide to remove acne
First of all clean your face well. For this, you should wash your face with a light facial clinger, which will remove the dust, soil, makeup and oil on face.

Now dry your face with a lightweight towel. Then let it dry for 5 minutes, because the wet skin does not absorb hydrogen peroxide well.

Put some hydrogen peroxide on cotton and apply it on top of the acne.

Leave the hydrogen peroxide on acne for 5 minutes, so that it can do its job. When the bubbles stop from hydrogen peroxide, then move towards the next step.

Wash your face again with water, this time you do not need clinger. Make sure your face is well cleaned.

Hydrogen peroxide makes your skin dry, so use an oil-free moisturizer after wiping the face.

Using it daily, you can remove facial acne and stains. (Also read: How to use Shikakai for strong and shiny hair)


Before using the hydrogen peroxide on the face, make sure to patch it on your hands first. Put a very small amount of hydrogen peroxide on the face, because excessive applying may cause irritation. Do not put it around the eye or around it. If you feel irritation or itching after using once hydrogen peroxide, stop using it. (Also read: What are the benefits of Amla water for skin and hair)

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