How to Use Curry Leaf for Hair Growth

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how to use curry leaf for hair growth

Hair loss and development affected due to the weakness of the roots of hair or unhealthy scalp. Due to pollution and dust-particles, hair roots become weak and hair growth stops, along with it causes a headache, itching, irritation and dandruff problems. But using curry leaves these problems can be solved. (Also read: Eliminate dandruff with the help of Castor Oil)

Let’s know how curry leaves are beneficial for the development of our hair and how it can be used.

How curry leaf is beneficial for hair:

Curry leaves contain plenty of antioxidant properties, which help to remove dead cells of your scalp and create new cells.

Curry leaves are a good source of protein and beta-carotene, which prevents hair loss and weakness.

These leaves contain amino acids that strengthen your hair roots and keep them healthy. (Also read: How to use Shikakai for strong and shiny hair)

Curry leaves and coconut oil:
how to use curry leaf for hair growth
This mixture works as a tonic for your hair. Vitamin B 6, which is found in it, nourishes your hair from the roots to the ends. To make this, put a bowl of curry leaves on a pan with a 2-3 spoonful of coconut oil. Turn off the gas when the leaves are black and leave the mixture to cool down. Now massage this mixture with the roots of your hair and head skin 2-3 times per week and wash with shampoo after one hour.

Curry leaves and yoghurt

Curry leaves and yoghurt’s hair masks hydrate the hair and remove dandruff as well as itching. By using it the hair becomes soft and strong. Blend it with 3-4 teaspoon yoghurt and make a paste. Now apply this hair mask to hair from roots to roots and leave for 30 minutes. Now wash it with a light shampoo.


Due to sensitive skin, many people start having problems with itching and irritation. Therefore, before using the curry leaves, do a patch test. (Also read: What are the benefits of Amla water for skin and hair)

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