How to take shower in the right way

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how to take shower in right way

Long showers are one of the life’s simplest pleasure and healthiest practice. Shower relives the stress and brings freshness to the body. Generally, everyone takes shower on a daily basis while some prefer a hot shower and other cool showers. If the shower is taken in a proper way then it is one of the healthiest practice. Unintentionally, people commit some mistakes while taking the shower which negatively affects our health and skin. If you know about these mistakes then you can avoid them. Moreover, if you are aware of a right way to take shower then you can avail more benefits. (Also read: Tips to make morning shower nice and effective)

Let’s know how to take shower in the right way:

Cool it down
Spending excessive time in the hot shower is not good for your skin. The hot shower dries out maximum moisture of the skin and natural oil. If you want to avail benefits of the shower then spend a couple of minutes in hot water, and then turn it down to lukewarm.

Keep it short
The shower should be last five to 10 minutes. Showering twice in a day might dry out your skin. (Also read: Cold shower or hot shower which one is better for you)

Clean the loofah
The majority of people do not clean loofah, which makes a breeding ground for bacteria. To avoid bacteria always remember to clean loofah once in a week. Otherwise, you can use your hands.

Lotion up
Applying moisturizer is very important after the shower. The moisturizer is very important after you step out from lukewarm water as the shower dries out skin. If you find your skin is dry and flaky, choose a lotion with a chemical exfoliant like alpha hydroxy acid.

Lather the Right Way
The proper shampoo can be done in 30-60 seconds. But just don’t spread the product on top of your head. To distribute the shampoo across the head, pour a drop on your head and gently massage it. Then lather the length of your hair until the water runs clear of suds. (Also read: What are the worst shower mistakes that damage the skin)

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