How To Take Care Of Your Hair During Pregnancy

How To Take Care Of Your Hair During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings a lot of changes in a women’s life. From physical changes to mental, there are a lot many things that happen in your body due to the hormonal fluctuation. The most common change you may notice is hair problems. You may notice the frizz and dryness occurring in your hair. Many women experience severe hair fall. That is why it is essential to take a good care of your hair. Hence, here we have come up with some amazing tips which will help you to keep your hair healthy during your pregnancy. (Also Read: Which Fruits Help You In Faster Growth of Hair)

Combing is much needed:
During pregnancy, many women feel difficulties in combing hair properly. This leads to many hair problems. Combing is a great exercise to make hair stay better. But avoid combing hair when it is wet. Just apply a serum and them comb it when it is almost dry.

Trimming is important:
You always trim your hair after every 2 months to make them healthy. So, during this time also do not forget to trim your hair timely. If you do not trim your hair often, your hair will lead to split ends which will gradually leads to hair fall.(Also Read: What Are The Benefits Of Using Homemade Hair Removal Wax)

Balanced diet:
During this time, it is extremely important to maintain a well-balanced diet. Other than your baby, your hair also needs nourishment from its roots to tips. That is why a healthy diet is important. In fact, ask your doctor to add some hair-friendly foods in your diet so that you can keep your hair stay healthy and strong.

Regular oiling:
Dear mom-to-be! The way you need better care this time, your hair also needs the same. So, oil them regularly and make sure your hair gets regular nourishment. You should use lukewarm coconut oil to make your scalp healthy. You can even use olive oil and castor oil for the same. Make sure you massage your hair for 10 minutes and then you can wash your hair.

Regular shampoo an conditioning:
Regular usage of shampoo and conditioner is much needed. You can use them on alternate days. Shampoo cleans your hair and scalp thoroughly. Besides this, conditioner makes your hair stay healthy and shiny. It even works like a moisturiser to those beautiful locks. (Also Read: How Coconut Water Can Help Your Hair To Stay Healthy)

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