How to take care of your feet

how to take care of feet

People are often careless about their feet and because of this, their feet turn wearisome and dull. Apart from this, due to lack of proper care of the feet, heels start cracking and which cause problems like pain and inflammation. To get rid of this problem, people use cream, which is not only expensive but also damages the skin due to the presence of chemicals in them. Instead, there are some easy tips that help you to eliminate bacterial and fungal infections and also provide moisture to your feet. (Also read: How to get rid of dark underarms in 10 days)

Let’s know how to take care of them so that your feet look beautiful.

Moisturizing feet is very important. It helps to keep your feet healthy, as well as it destroys your feet’s dead cells and softens them. So if you travel too much then do not forget to moisturize the feet.

Wash everyday feet
There is more dirt in feet than the other parts of the body, therefore, wash the feet every day. Wash the feet with antiseptic soap and light lukewarm water because it destroys bacteria in the feet. Never wash the feet with hot water because it eliminates the natural oil of your feet. (Also read: How is olive oil beneficial for skin)

Cut the nails
Foot nails are very hard, and sometimes they cause pain while trimming. In this case, keep it in the water for a while before cutting the nails, so the nails become slightly soft. Moreover, apply the oils on the nails and leave it for 5 minutes. This prevents fungal infections.

Massage daily: Massage of feet daily makes the feet healthy and provide many benefits.

  • Improves blood circulation of the legs.
  • Provides Relaxation.
  • Makes the ankle strong and flexible.
  • Reduces the burning sensation in the legs.

Wear comfortable shoes
Wearing comfortable shoes will help to avoid blisters in feet. Besides, wearing comfortable shoes does not make you feel uncomfortable too. (Also read: Effective turmeric face packs for different skin types)

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