How to take care of your hair during swimming

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how to take care of hair during swimming

Swimming is fun but it also causes damage to your hair. It is very easy to take care of your hair during swimming. If one does not take proper care of the hair then it may get spoiled and also become dry. You have to take care of hair before swimming and post-swimming session and both are necessary. The most common cause of bad hair is chlorine in the swimming pool. Chlorine is added to clean the pool and destroy the bacteria, which spoils the hair health. Chlorine eliminates the hair oil and also making them dry. (Also read: What are the bedtime mistakes that can damage your hair)

Let’s know how to take care of hair during swimming.

Apply oil to hair
Before going to the pool, apply oil in the hair. It protects your hair and creates a protective layer on the scalp. It prevents chlorine from entering the hair follicle. Coconut oil and olive oil moisturise hair as well as protect the hair with chlorine water.

Take the shower before entering the pool
The shower is a better option for swimming. Wash your hair properly before entering the pool because wet hair is less likely to absorb water. This prevents the formation of chemical residues in your hair. (Also read: What Are The Hair Removal Myths You All Should Stop Believing)

Apply conditioner
Applying conditioner is useful. It not only nourishes your hair follicle but also creates a layer that protects your hair from the chlorine and other harmful chemicals in the pool.

Apply Hair Spray
It is easy to use the spray for hair. When you swim, this is a better option for you. Choose a sun protection spray that protects your hair from harmful rays of the sun and helps to maintain the hair hydration level.

Wear the swimming cap
Swimming cap protects your hair from chlorine water. Apart from this, the cap keeps your hair dry and protects from chemicals. This is a very good and easy way to save your hair. (Also read: Why steam is beneficial to keep your hair healthy)

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