How To Stop Yourself From Popping Pimples

How To Stop Yourself From Popping The Pimples


Pimples are annoying and stubborn. But you know what, the annoying level reaches the peak when we get the scars on the face after popping those white heads. Pimples can be bearable but the after effect is pesky enough. It is not something new that somebody suggests you not to touch the pimples. We all know that this is bad. But who has control on hands when something appears on the face? [Also Read: Why Do We Get Pimples On The Same Spot Every Time]

So, folks, we have come up with some effective tricks which you can follow to stop yourself from popping them. Interesting right? Let us have a look:

A gentle reminder with sticky notes:
When do we pop your pimples? When we stand in front of the mirror and see our face. It is quite tempting seeing a white headed zit appearing on the most visible part of your face. It feels like to squeeze it right away. But we know the consequences. Hence, you can Add a sticky note on the corner of the mirror. It can work like a reminder. You can write, “Do not pop the pimples” or “Stop popping to stop getting”. So, next time, after watching the note, your hands will automatically get stagnant.

No nails no poppings:
Your nails can do wonders. Digging is its job. Especially when you have pimples. Men have shorter nails so when it becomes difficult for them to pop. But women are prone to squeeze pimples because of their well-shaped nails. So ladies, try cutting off your nails till the skin layer. This will stop you pipping the zits even if you place the fingers to begin it. And men, you can excuse this point but still clean up and cut off your nails regularly. (Also Read: How to get rid of pimples from face)

Ignore the comments:
When you get pimples people will obviously comment on that. They show their concern about your face and skin. Noticing your pimples by others is a common matter. But do not make this thing a bigger issue. What people tell you should not be your headache. You keep treating the zits on your own. If you take those comments seriously and keep thinking about the same thing then it will lead you popping the pimples more. Therefore, if you pop them once, the scars will make your skin look more noticeable. So, why giving chance to people for commenting more on your flaws?

A pimple reducing ointment:
When you get a pimple, do not squeeze, pop or even ignore. Consult with a dermatologist and keep an ointment with you which works overnight to reduce the pimples. These ointments are like magic. When you apply them on the white heads, the formula of the ointment first burst a pimple, dig out the left overs and finally prevents to get a scar on the face. So, eventually, these ointments would work like your hands in a good way without leaving any scars. (Also Read: Quick Guide To Get An Acne Free Skin)

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