How to refresh face in just 5 minutes

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how to refresh face in just 5 minutes

Sometimes your face looks tired and dull. It turns into a problem if you have to attend the meeting or event at the same time because it takes time to retain the freshness of the face. There are many reasons which cause dullness and tiredness on the face such as unhealthy lifestyle and allergies. Unfortunately, people use chemical based products to retain the freshness of face which is harmful to the face in the long run. Instead of this, if you use chemical-based products it might harm your face. You can refresh your face in just 5 minutes with harmless products. (Also read: How to get the perfect natural look using makeup)

Let’s know how to refresh tired face with natural products:

Sprinkle rose water on face

Rose water has hydrating and brightening properties that help to make the face beautiful. For this simply dip the cotton ball in the rose water and apply it on the face to look fresh. After a while, you will feel that your skin looks fresh. Along with this, the fragrance of rose water helps in removing anxiety and fatigue.


Massage affects face very quickly. Olive oil is very good for massage. Olive oil contains high amounts of antioxidants which are best for moisturizing the skin. Stroke near the nose to make blood circulation better on the face. Which helps to make the face fresh. (Also read: How to take care of chapped and dry lips In winter)

Put an ice cube on the face

By applying the ice cube on the face, the skin becomes soft and fresh. For this, wrap the ice cube in a cloth and apply on the face.

Use the coffee scrub

The antioxidant in the coffee stimulates blood flow on the face. Coffee scrub helps to moisturize the skin and reduce the fine lines. It also helps to remove dead cells from the face. The skin feels fresh in 5 minutes.

Apply petroleum jelly

Using petroleum jelly on the face helps to refresh the face immediately. Applying it to the cheekbones to make the face look better. (Also read: How to take care of oily skin during winters)

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