How To Protect Your Hair From Tangling And Thinning

How To Protect Your Hair From Tangling And Thinning

Hair tangling and thinning is the biggest problem of all of us. It’s been faced not only by women, men are also the victim of hair thinning and tangling. Tangling happens because of many reasons like pollution, low-quality products, overly use of hair products etc. But hair thinning can be a hereditary reason. Though other external reasons also work to thin your hair. But the solution is on your hand. Apart from hereditary reasons, you can help your hair to stay tangle-free and can keep them thick with some amazing tips. (Also Read: How Onion Is Useful To Boost Hair Growth)

Braid the hair before bed:
Do you know when you sleep with a pillow your hair mostly scratches each other? If you let your hair open while sleeping, they get tangled and there are huge chances of losing more hair than usual. Braiding hair would be a very safe option to control hair loss and get rid of tangled. Moreover, braiding your hair can be a good trick for you for the entire day too. If you feel like you can braid your hair in dau time. Various types of braiding hair styles you can try in the entire day to get rid of hair thinning and tangling.

Tooth comb is your ultimate solution:
Using a wide tooth comb can help you to remove tangles from hair. It even protects your hair from losing its root. They can run within your hair faster because of the wide gaps between every stand. This not only removes tangles easily, it protects your hair from getting damaged as well. The best way to use this comb is to start from the bottom of the knots and then move upwards and start combing. (Also Read: Benefits Of Fenugreek Seeds Or Methi For Hair)

Conditioning your hair:
Conditioning is very important for any types of hair. Whether it is a thin, dry, frizzy or tangled, conditioning is the best solution for hair problems. The conditioner is made by cream and oil which helps hair to be more smooth and lustrous. Always condition your hair after washing. After applying it just leave your hair for 5-8 minutes then rinse it off your hair after that.

Brush your hair twice a day:
Brushing your hair is the best option to get rid of tangles in your hair. You can not help the air which blows crazy to your hair and makes they tangled like anything. But you can try to get rid of those tangles by brushing twice a day. If you have thick hair you can use hair brushes and if you have thin hair then tooth combs will be fine. Try to brush your hair before bed too.

Apply hair serum:
Hair serum makes your hair smooth and tangle-free. It is a kind of oil which has mild fragrance and soothing formulas. Always apply hair serum to your towel dry hair. It will make your hair look beautiful. Moreover, serum helps your hair to get rid of tangles and damages. (Also Read: Easy ways to get rid of dull and frizzy hair)

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