How to make your nails grow stronger and longer

seven tips to make finger nails stronger

Most of the women desire for beautiful nails and there are also few women who totally ignore their nails. But they should remember that nails play an important role to enhance your beauty. The women do many things like make-up, hair colour and a variety of hairstyles to look beautiful but they ignore their nails. The ignorance of nails may ruin your makeup efforts. It can also lead to the breakage and nails also become stiff. But there few useful tips which can strengthen your nails.

Here are the tips to strengthen nails:

Wear Gloves

When you are doing household work especially while cleaning utensils wear gloves. If you are exposing hands to water for a longer time it puts tremendous strain on the delicate nail cells which lead to nails weakness.

Polish to Protect

Always polish your nails it will be beneficial for you. The layers of polish protect your nails during household work.

Avoid Nail Polish Removers with Acetone

Nail polish remover is not good for healthy nails. The nail polish remover consists acetone found which dries out the nail and allows brittleness to set in. In this regard, use nail polish remover twice in a week and avoid nail polish remover with acetone.

Swear Off Hand Sanitizers

The sanitizers are effective to kill the germs but they also snatch the moisture from nails. Instead of using sanitizers, use soap or body wash.

Take a Biotin Supplement

The vitamin B helps to strengthen fingernails. The consumption of biotin helps to grow nails stronger. The biotin builds stronger new nails rather than repairing.

Load Up on Cuticle Oil

The cuticle is the natural protective seal of the nails. Its breakage may lead to bacterial infection. You should protect it by applying cuticle oil to keep fingernails moisturized.

Adjust Your Diet

Consuming protein-rich food add an extra- supportive boost to nails. Eat biotin-rich foods like eggs, peanuts and almonds to keep your nails healthy.

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