How to make your nail polish last longer

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How to make your nail polish last longer

Every women love to paint their nails. Over a period of time, a lot of variations have been introduced in order to get beautiful shining nails. Girls are going gaga over different patterns of nail paints, nail extension, nail art and various types of manicures. However, most of the women struggle with making their nail colour last longer. Our hands are most involved in all the activities. Thus our nails get exposed to harsh things and are in constant touch with water. Thus, the colour of the nails fades away without staying for a longer period of time. But don’t worry, here are some tips to make your nail colour last longer on your nails. (Also read: Tips to take care of your colored hair)

How to make your nail polish last longer?

Try to keep the length of nails short: We all like longer well-shaped nails. But when we have long nails, our tips are usually engaged in picking out things. We often use the nail tips for untieing the knot, taking off stickers, and for various other things. Hence the colour at tips goes off easily. Thus, in order to avoid the situation, keep the length short.

Use gloves: Nail colour usually goes off, when your nails are overexposed with water. So, try to wear gloves while washing clothes and doing the dishes. (Also read: How To Make A Homemade Facial Cleanser)

Apply thin strokes of colour: We should make sure, that we apply a thin layer coat by coat. Instead of applying a thick coat, one should apply thin layers. A thick coat of nail colour tends to peel off easily.

Do the nail filing properly: Do not skip teh step of nail filing before applying a nail colour. Al the nails should be in proper shape and direction. Not just this, the length of nails should be equal too. Inappropriate shaping and size leads to breakage and peels off easily.

Avoid using hand sanitizer: Hand sanitizer contains some amount of alcohol in them. You should try to avoid it as much as you can. The sanitizer tends to make the nails dry and chip them off easily. Thus, one can wash hands with
hand wash and water.

Avoid contact with water: This is weird. One cannot stop the use of water altogether. But we can minimize the contact with it. The nail colour tends to go off with excess water contact. So, try to limit it when you have applied your favourite nail colour. Also, do not soak your nails in water, it leads to contracting of nails later on and results in chipping off the nail. (Also read: How ginger hair masks help to control hair fall)

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