How to make your makeup last longer in summer

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How to make your makeup last in summer

You can ask any woman about the hassle of making the makeup last during the summer season. The simple reason behind is the sweating problem caused by the heat. The sweat spoils the look of the face. It is a simple fact that makeup is something that you apply to your face, so when the sweat appears it spoils the looks and leaves you with an ungroomed face. That is the reason one must know of the tips to make the makeup last longer in the summer season. These tips are wonderful for the makeup look all day long! So, let’s find out! (Also read: What are the benefits of malai or milk cream for the skin)

Apply the right base
It is important that you know how to apply the makeup right in the summer season. In the summer season, you must apply the oil-free moisturizer. Before picking the moisturizer, just make sure you are picking the right one for your skin.

Use a sponge, instead of the brush
When the face powder is mixed with the sweat on your face then the whole look of the makeup is destroyed. People who have the oily skin use the powder based foundation, but it is oxidized in the summer. That is why use the brush to apply the foundation. This will prevent the extra powder on the skin. (Also read: What are the surprising ways to reduce wrinkles)

Use pencil eyeliner
The liquid eyeliner is more prone to smudging than the pencil eyeliner. So, simply use that in your eye makeup routine.

Apply light makeup
If you really want your makeup to last for the whole day, then go for the light makeup. Try to use moisturizer and little concealer only.

Don’t forget to use the makeup spray
If you want your makeup to last for a longer time period then don’t forget to apply the makeup spray. It helps to preserve the makeup look and makes it last for the day. (Also read: How to take care of your skin at night in summer season)

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