How to make sugar scrub at home and its benefits

make sugar scrub home benefits

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You have to take a lot of care in order to maintain the skin. In this regard, some remedies are very beneficial. It is very easy to use a sugar scrub and even you can make it at home only. It helps to remove the dirt and remove the pimples without damaging the skin, causing the skin to feel soft and fresh. (Also read: How To Do Pedicure With Natural Ingredients At Home)

Let’s know how to make a sugar scrub at home and its benefits.


1 cup granulated sugar

1/2 cup coconut oil

make sugar scrub home benefits
Put sugar and coconut oil in a bowl. Make coconut oil a little bit lukewarm and shake this mixture. If you want to make the mixture a bit thicker then you can put a little more sugar in it. This scrub can be used on skin 2-3 times a week. (Also read: How to use Steam facial to get rid of oily skin)

Advantages of Using Sugar Scrubs:

Ance and Blackheads:
make sugar scrub home benefits
With more oil, dirt and dead cells on the skin, the skin pores get closed and there is a problem like blackheads and acne. But by using the Sugar Scrub, excess oil, dirt and dead cells get removed from the skin. It enhances oxygen flow in your skin, causing the skin to feel refreshing.

Cracked Heels

Using the Sugar scrub makes the skin soft because it provides moisture by removing dirt from the skin. By using a regular sugar scrub on the heels enhance the beauty of your feet.

To make the skin young

Sugar scrub contains glycolic acid, which reproduces the skin cells which help in retaining natural oil in the skin and keeps the skin beautiful.

Cheap treatment

Sugar scrub at home is very cheap and does not harm your skin. While the scrubs available in the market are expensive and chemicals present in them are very harmful to your skin. Therefore, it is a good idea to use the sugar scrub made at home. (Also read: How to reduce acne with rosehip oil)

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