How to make natural dye at home to blacken grey hairs

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how to make natural dye at home to blacken grey hairs

Due to stress and polluted environment, your hair becomes weak. Due to this reason, many people face hair problems and few people’s hairs turn into grey. To get rid of white hair they dye their hair with very cheap and quick solution. After applying the colour the hair looks black and healthy like before. But the dye available in the market comprises of chemicals which are not good for health. Therefore, with the help of homemade natural dye, you can colour your white hairs without any damage.

Here are natural home dyes:

how to make natural dye at home to blacken grey hairs
Henna is the easiest and popular herbal remedy to grey hair into black. With the help of this product, you can effectively make your hair shine with black. To do this remedy, boil Heena Powder with Castor Oil and let the colour of Hina be cloned on castor oil. Once the mixture cools down, apply it hair and roots on them thoroughly. After applying, let it dry for 2 hours and then wash it with the help of light shampoo.


White hair can be coloured with the help of coffee. The colour of the coffee will look like the natural colour of your hair. Boil the coffee and when the mixture is a little lukewarm fill in a spray bottle and sprinkles on hair and roots. Now massage the hair and roots with the help of light hands. Wash the hair after an hour of massage.

Black Tea
how to make natural dye at home to blacken grey hairs
Black tea, like coffee, is also a natural dye, which blackens white hair in a few minutes. For this also boil water which looks like your hair colour. Now let the mixture be lukewarm and after that sprinkle on the hair. Wash the hair well after an hour.

Skin of walnuts

With the help of walnuts you can give a dark colour to your hair, but be careful while using it because it can stain your clothes and skin. First, crush the nut peel well and boil it in the water for about 30 minutes. Filter the mixture after cooling and place on hair and roots. You can also use cotton balls to apply on the hair. Wash the hair with a light shampoo after one hour after applying it.

Lemon juice

This remedy is very effective. For this, take out fresh lemon juice and spray them on hair and roots and leave for a few hours. You can sit outside under the sun after applying it to bring shine in the hair. Wash the hair thoroughly after a few hours after applying lemon juice.

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