How To Lighten Dark Upper Lip Area

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How To Lighten Dark Upper Lip Area


Dark upper lip area is a common problem for many people. It looks a bit awkward when your entire facial tone is different from your upper lip skin tone. Some people use concealers to hide it. But without makeup, this can hamper the whole facial beauty. This happens because of the blood impurification, genetic features etc. The only faster way to get rid of this darkness is using natural ingredients at home. If you try these tricks solely, you would definitely get a result. (Also Read: Remove Your Upper Lip Hair Naturally With Easy Methods)

So, here are some natural and homely way to lighten dark upper lips area:

Lemon juice:
Lemon juice is the most powerful ingredients which have various health benefits. As we know, raw lemon juice has skin bleaching properties. So using this to our upper lip area would be helpful. But do not dilute it with water or rose water. Squeeze an entire lemon and dip a cotton into it to apply this. Apply this on your skin generously. Keep it as it is for 20 minutes. After that remove the juice from the area with a wet cotton ball and repeat this process for 3 times in a week. The changes will be in front of you.

To lighten dark upper lips area, apply milk topically on the area. Milk has high lactic acid which is the best exfoliating agent. Also, it helps brighten the natural skin tone. All you have to do is, to put two teaspoons of full cream milk in a small glass. Put a clean cotton ball to soak up the milk. Then rub the cotton to your upper lip area for 10 minutes. Do not be cruel to with it. Allow it to get absorbed into the skin for half an hour. Then rinse it off clearly. (Also Read: Necessary Grooming Products Every Man Should Have)

Cucumber juice:
Cucumber juice does not only have natural bleaching agent but it has the power to soothe the inflamed skin. Regular bleaching and threading on your upper lip area can cause a darkness. You might not know cucumber juice can work like magic to remove dark spots. What you can do is to make a little amount of cucumber juice and apply that on your upper lip area. Leave the liquid for some time and let it get dry on the skin only. It feels like natural water on your skin. Lastly, wash it with cold water. You can do it regularly at home.

If your upper lip area is dark because of some external reasons like bleaching, using hair removal cream etc, then honey can be your life saviour. Honey has the power to reduce dark spots or darkened skin into a rosy one. You just have to take some honey in a bowl and apply it gently on your upper lip region. Allow it to dry. If it is possible, keep it overnight and rinse off in the morning. (Also Read: Different types of mud face packs to get a glowing skin)

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