How to keep your hair dandruff free during winters

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How to keep your hair dandruff free in the winter

The time of winter is not that exciting for everyone. When the temperature dips in the winters it has a direct impact on your health. During this time that skin turns dry and patchy. With this, the scalp of the head too turns really dry and dehydrated. As a result, the dead skin collects on the scalp in the form of dandruff. People often forget to moisturize the scalp properly in winter, due to which the problem of dandruff becomes really extreme. Dandruff leads to other hair related problems as well. It makes the scalp itchy and there is a feeling of irritation due to it. There are few ways to fight dandruff in winters.  (Also read: Five bedtime habits you should follow for gorgeous hair)

Warm oil
There is an increase in dryness in the scalp during the time of winters. The hair needs special care and attention during winters. For proper moisturisation, use olive oil or coconut oil. Warm it slightly and massage your hair with it.

Baking soda
To keep the scalp clear and clean, baking soda works like a good shampoo. It blocks the pores of the scalp that prevents the formation of dandruff. So, take two spoons of baking soda and apply it thoroughly on your scalp. Let is stay for three minutes and wash it later.

Curd and tulsi leaves
Curd helps to remove the dryness and provides the moisturisation to the scalp. It helps to nourish the scalp. The tulsi leaves have antifungal properties and that prevents the scalp from dandruff. Make a paste of curd and tulsi leaves and apply for 40 minutes. You can do it twice a week. (Also read: What are the combing mistakes that you are making every day)

Rosemary oil
Rosemary oil has antibacterial qualities which help to fight dandruff in the winter season. For this, you can add eight to ten drops of rosemary oil to vegetable oil. Then massage your scalp with it, later wash your hair.

Don’t use hot water to wash your hair
Hot water steals the natural oils from the scalp and leaves the scalp dry and patchy. So always avoid it.  (Also read: Easy to do hairstyles for girls with thin hair)

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