How to hide pimples with the help of makeup

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how to hide pimple with the help of makeup

Women are always more worried about their face and adopt different ways so that they look beautiful. They use many home remedies and products, to remove the dryness from the face and to get flawless skin. Many women also adopt many treatments to remove pimples, acne and stains on their face but still they do not disappear. If you have to attend a party, then the pimples on your face spoil your overall look. In such a situation, your makeup come as an absolute resolute. It can help you hide your pimples completely and also make you look more attractive. (Also read: Which Fruits Help You In Faster Growth of Hair)

Let’s know about that makeup to hide pimples.

Step 1: Clean your face
This is the most important process to hide the pimples and also brings the tone to your skin. Clean your face well and apply toner on your face. Use oil-free moisturizer according to your skin.

Step 2: Apply primer
The primer works to break the barrier between the makeup and skin. If you do not want to apply a primer on your whole face, you can apply it only to a pimple affected area. (Also read: How is hot oil massage extremely beneficial for hair)

Step 3: Use colour corrector and concealer
Green colour congestion is the best solution to hide pigmentation and redness. Combine it properly with your skin with the help of a brush. This helps to hide your pimples.

Step 4: Apply a little foundation
This step is optional. If you do not want to apply the foundation then you can apply BB Cream. If you use the foundation then take a little foundation and blend it properly with the help of brush or blending sponge.

Step 5: Set the makeup with powder
Mix the concealer well with the help of compact or powder so that your face does not shine too much.

By doing this makeup process well, you can hide your face’s pimples and acne. This will make your face look more attractive. (Also read: What are the hair conditioning mistakes that you are making)

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