How to hide grey hair roots

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How to hide grey hair roots.

You can hide grey hair roots in many ways.

Grey hair is becoming a common problem nowadays and it causes troubles for everyone. The grey hair also impacts your looks. Major causes of grey hair are dust, pollution, unhealthy diet and most important not taking good care. The unhealthy diet negatively impacts the hair and also the reason for other hair-related problems. It is very important to consume healthy diet for promoting hair growth and texture. The consumption of healthy food prevents hair from becoming grey. Apart from this, if your hair is already grey and you are using hair colour to hide them, the situation becomes worse. Unfortunately, the colour could not stay longer in hair roots as they grow with each passing day. But there are so many tips to cover those grey hair roots. (Also read: Almonds for skin: Amazing almost face pack for beautiful and glowing skin)

Let’s know how to hide grey hair roots :

  • Make a slick bun
  • Use dye shampoo
  • Change partition
  • Highlights the hair
  • Use hairspray
  1. Make a sleek bun
    When your hair root becomes grey, then you should make a sleek bun. This will not only hide the grey hair but also make changes in your temple. Apart from this, your hair will look thick and hide grey hair.
  2. Use dye shampoo

    Know the right way to hide grey hair roots.
    Dye shampoo is beneficial to hide grey roots

    Dye shampoo absorbs your hair oil and makes your hair wavy. This will hide grey hair roots and even your does not look oily. Moreover, if you use hair dye in excessively it may negatively impact your hair, to know more click here.

  3. Change partition
    When your hair roots start appearing white then you need to change your partitions. This will change the volume of your hair immediately, and the problem of your grey is also eliminated.
  4. Highlight the hair
    Highlighting hair is a great way to solve your problem. When your hair starts looking white then you need to highlight them. This makes your hair to look beautiful.
  5. Use hairspray
    Hairspray hides your grey hair roots and also makes your hair attractive. Try to apply hair spray to hair roots well. (Also read: Which are the worst foods for hair)

The problem of hair becoming grey from roots is most common among people. Several measures can be taken to overcome this problem. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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