How to give yourself manicure at home

How to give yourself manicure at home

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Well manicured, clean and healthy nails give an impression of a well-groomed lady. However, due to hectic schedules, it is not possible for everyone to make a visit to the nail salon every now and then. And salon manicures are time-consuming and hectic. However, what if there was a way to fix our nails at home itself? As wonderful as it sounds, you can have perfectly manicured nails at your home itself. Let’s find out how.

Start with cleaning
Remove your old nail paint by using a nail paint remover. Clean your nails hands with warm water and soap. Make sure you don’t leave any nail residue in your nails.

Dry hands ruin the impression of a well-put lady. So moisture your hands using hand lotion. While moisturizing you can massage your hands gently.

Grooming of the nails is a crucial step. Use a nail filer to give them a sleek and sharp look. Filer helps to shape the nails in a proper way. It also helps with the right look of the nails.

Apply nail polish is a tricky business. If you option of a light colour for your nails, then you can apply it as it is. However, for a darker shade, it is important to protect your nails. Apply a base coating on your nails so that dark colour won’t stain your nails in any manner. While applying the nail paint try to apply only one coat so that it gives a finished look.

Applying the top coat and dry it off
Before applying the top coat it is important to let that base dry off. Give it at least 15 minutes. Then apply the top coat. Make sure you use the perfect colour combination so that your nails can actually make a statement. And every other day, take a few minutes to touch up your manicure with a single layer of top coat to keep up the professional durability and appearance.

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