How To Get The Teenage Glow Back When You Are In Your 40s

How To Get The Teenage Glow Back When You Are In Your 40s

When you cross the age 35, your skin starts retiring and loses its glow. Many women and men get a dark and patchy skin gradually. This happens because when you grow your age, your skin gradually misses its collagen which works to tighten the skin. That is why you get more fine lines and wrinkles. So, everyone has to be a little conscious about their skin this time otherwise these skin problems may take a bigger face later on. Hence, we have come up with an amazing skin scrub which can give you a teenage glow on your skin. This homemade rose scrub is easy to make and works like once in a week magic. (Also Read: Amazing Milk Face Packs for Glowing And Healthy Skin)

We are going to talk about Rose scrub because rose is an ingredient which has enormous beauty benefits. It has minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and a great power to lighten your skin complexion. Moreover, rose extracts can cool down your skin. This process helps the skin to rejuvenate and bring that glow which you used to have when you were a teenager.

How To Get The Teenage Glow When You Are On Your 40s

On the other side, we use sugar because sugar is the best ingredient to exfoliate your skin throughout. It removes your dead and patchy skin easily with the help of its sugary texture. Rubbing this on your skin can help to remove those dead, patchy and tanned skin. The process of exfoliation is the gradual removal of the top layer of dead skin. Using a sugar scrub for exfoliation involves rubbing the sugar against your skin and the pressure/friction creates the exfoliation. Not only this, it even helps to open up your clogged pores.

How To make Rose scrub for teenage glow on your 40s:
Making sugar scrub is very easy. You just need to arrange white sugar, half cup coconut oil, rose essential oil and hand full of rose petals. You need to blend rose petals, coconut oil and white sugar in a blender. Now add two drops of rose essential oil. This step is not necessary because we are adding essential oil just to get rid of the smell of coconut oil. After adding the essential oil, directly apply this to your skin and massage it for 5 minutes. After massaging, leave it on your skin for half an hour then rinse it off. (Also Read: How Gram Flour or Besan Can Be Great For Your Skin And Hair)

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