How to get the perfect red lipstick look

How to get the perfect red lipstick look

Lipstick has always been a part of a girl vanity case. Every colour of lipstick adds a special meaning to a girl’s look. However, one colour that has stood the test of time with its flawless look is the colour red. Getting the perfect red lipstick look is the dream of many girls. It is a certain fact that red lips instantly grabs the attention anywhere, be it a family event, first date or a big meeting. However, attaining the perfect red lipstick look is not as easy as it sounds. The perfect red lipstick look is the balance between seductive and shy. So, let’s find out how to get that perfect red lipstick look. (Also read: What are mistakes women make while applying lipstick)

When you are going for a red lipstick look remember that you are making a statement with it. So, even a small mistake can ruin the whole look. Therefore, begin by moisturising your lips. Use a lip balm of good quality to make your lips appear smooth and soft.

Prepare the base
Start with using a lip liner to outline your lips. A lip liner is important to help you to apply the lipstick perfectly and keeps it away from bleeding. When you are going for a red lipstick look, pick the line to its match. If you have thin lips, then use the line heavily. (Also read: Five makeup hacks to get the right look in 10 minutes)

Lip brush in place of direct application
When you are applying a stunning shade of red, remember that you have to be really in control. So, for that, it is better that you use a lip brush. Start with a gentle application of the red lipstick, then add coats according to your need.

Set it right
The trick is to use a translucent powder to set the lipstick right. So, begin with placing a tissue on your lips and then use a brush to evenly spread the translucent powder. The powder will sink in gently and set the lipstick right.

Application of gloss
Many women like glossy red lips look. So, for that, you can go for gloss. Keep in mind that probably gloss won’t last long. To give your lips a subtle shine, apply gloss right in the middle, instead of covering the whole.

After this, you are completely done with your perfect red lipstick look.  (Also read: How to get rid of dry lips with simple home remedies)

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