How to get rid of large pores naturally

how to get rid of big pores naturally

Due to oily skin, age and hormonal imbalance, the pores on the skin look large and open. Due to the increase of placenta, the skin becomes dull and fuzzy, as well as the dirt on the face makes it unhealthy. But by using some natural remedies, the production of sebum gland syrup oil can be balanced which make the skin fresh and healthy again. (Also read: How to prepare scrub at home within two minutes)

So let us know which methods can help to get rid of large pores:

Tomato juice

Tomatoes have antioxidant properties, which help to make the skin cells healthy. To use it, put fresh tomato juice on the face properly and wash it with water after it gets dry. Along with this, you can apply a thin layer of tomatoes to the face and wash it with water after drying.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil contains antiseptic properties, which are helpful in eliminating many skin related problems. To reduce the pores, add some drops of Tea Tree oil in the face pack and put them on the face. This makes your skin soft and helps to remove extra oil. (Also read: Which one is the right hair removal method waxing or shaving)

Hot water and ice

You can also use hot water and ice to reduce the pores. After washing the face with lukewarm water, the fluffers become soft and the dirt gets out, after which massage with the ice on the face. The snow helps in loosening and tinkering. But keep in mind that do not use too hot water to wash the face, it can remove skin moisture.

Oatmeal Face Pack

This is one of the most effective and easy remedies to get rid of the problem. To use it, mix the oatmeal powder with water and put it on the face and wash the face after a few minutes of massage. In order to get better results, cold milk can be used instead of water.

Multani Soil

This face mask is a very effective solution to tighten the skin pores. To make this, mix the water with Multani clay and make a paste and apply it to the whole face. Wash the face with water after it gets dry.  You can eliminate the extra oil by applying this pack regularly and the pores become smaller. (Also read: What Are The Myths Related To Hair Which You Should Stop Believing)

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