How to get an amazing skin using curry leaves

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How to get an amazing skin using curry leaves

The impact of dust, dirt and pollution is most felt by our skin. Because of this, the skin turns dull and dry. For this problem, people use all kinds of things to get the glow on their skin back such as face packs, skin treatments, scrubs etc. With all these things you need the help from the natural ways as well. For this, the curry leaves is an excellent option. The curry leaves help to keep the skin glowing, soft and healthy. So, let’s find out the ways for it. (Also read: How to take care of the skin during the evening)

Curry leaves and turmeric
To get rid of the problem of pimples the curry leaves is an excellent way. For this make a paste of curry leaves and the turmeric. Apply it to the pimples and let it dry. Then wash it off.

To get rid of wrinkles
To remove the wrinkles from the face, it is wonderful to use the curry leaves. Add some rose water to the curry leaves powder and Multani mitti and make a paste. Apply it to your face and neck. The leaves will fight the free radical and the Multani miti will remove the extra oil from the face.

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To remove the pimple marks
The marks of the pimples are really stubborn. They can be removed with the help of curry leaves. Make a paste of curry leaves and lemon juice. Apply it to the affected area and wash it with normal water. The lemon juice acts as an astringent.

Treating the sunburn
When the summers arrive the problem of sunburn, rashes become really common. For treating this problem mix the curry leaves with milk. It will control the allergic reaction. Put curry leaves in milk, boil it and cool it down. Then apply it.

For exfoliating the skin the combination of curry leaves and lemon is amazing. For its use make a paste of both the things and keep this paste on your skin for 10-12 minutes. Then wash your face.

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