How to fight the beauty problems during winters

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How to fight the beauty problems during winters

Winters are full of beautiful evenings, comfortable nights and lazy days. Most people look forward for winters to enjoy life in a slow pace manner. However, not everything about winters is peachy. Winter season is not that great for the skin. Your skin suffers a lot during this season, as the wind turns cold and lacks humidity completely. Winters steal the natural moisture of the skin and leave it dry and completely lifeless. If you don’t take care of your skin during winters, it can turn chapped and with cracks. So, what are the problems one faces in the winters and their solutions? (Also read: How to keep your skin soft and healthy during winters)

Dry cheeks
When you are out too long in the winters, you will see that it has a negative impact on your cheeks. This is because the skin turns dry, leaving you with chapped cheeks.

Instead of using water for face wash, you can go for creme based face cleaner. Don’t forget to apply moisturiser when you step out.

Chapped lips

You lips bear the worst burnt of the winters. They often turn sore or chapped.

You can use essential oils to give your lips a gentle facial. Simply apply the oil, massage your lips and use a gentle toothbrush to scrape away the dead cells. (Also read: How to keep your lips beautiful and soft naturally)

Parched legs
Your legs’ skin can leave you embarrassed in winters, as it turns dry and scaly due to the lack of moisturisation.

Don’t forget about your legs when it comes to moisturisation. So, massage your legs on a regular basis to maintain their natural softness.


Most of us prefer using hot water during winters, but that hot water can be really harmful to your hair and skin. Hot water leads to dandruff problem.

The simple solution to this problem is that instead of using lukewarm water to fight dandruff. You can go for anti-dandruff shampoos for help as well.

Red Nose
It is very rare to find someone who doesn’t catch a cold in winters. Cold means a runny nose. Due to which the skin of the nose is damaged and turns red.

All you need to is to moisture the skin on your nose to avoid the red nose and dry skin.   (Also read: Whiskey can help you to get the flawless skin)

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