How to feel fresh even after skipping shower

how to feel fresh even after skipping shower

The majority of people take shower or bath in the morning so they feel fresh throughout the day. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t have time to take shower in the morning due to the busy schedule so we skip the shower. After skipping, the shower or bath we always think how to feel fresh throughout the day. This questions even pops out in everyone mind how to feel fresh after skipping shower and bath. Moreover, the winters are coming and bone-chilling cold force many people to skip the bath. Don’t worry, here are some hacks which help you to stay fresh throughout the day. (Also read: How is black tea beneficial for both skin and hair)

Here are tips to feel fresh throughout the day after skipping bath or shower.

Pack a couple wipes

Always keep a pack of wet wipes with you, if you have to skip bath or shower. The wipes will help you to cleanse your body as well as the face. Scrub down wipes to cleanse your face and body. This wipes will exfoliate, and hydrate your skin in one simple stroke.

Spray some dry shampoo

If you have no time to take shower, the dry shampoo will be very beneficial for you in this condition. The dry shampoo extracts the excess grease from the hairs without stripping moisture. Which keep the hairs healthy and strong. You don’t need to shampoo it every day because it strips natural hair oil. Try this dry shampoo even after two or three days. Always rinse your hair to eliminate extra oil. (Also read: What Are The Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Milk Bath)

Mattify while you moisturize

Despite you are missing the shower or bath, never miss the grooming regimen altogether. Moisturiser is very important that freshen up your face without making you look shiny. Moreover, the moisturizer smooths over dark spots and tired eyes.

Deodorize (everywhere) with antiperspirant spray

If you are skipping bath or shower, then antiperspirant spray is very beneficial as its blocks body odour for a longer hour. The good antiperspirant blocks sweat for 48 hours but ensures you should have a shower before those 28 hours.

Body powder

Sprinkle body powder in your socks and underwear before you get dressed up. This will absorb the moisture and will keep your skin dry and odourless. (Also read: What are the amazing hair care tips during winters)

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