How To Do Pedicure With Natural Ingredients At Home

How To Do Pedicure With Natural Ingredients At Home

A pedicure is very important need to keep your legs healthy and clean. We have to admit that due to lack of time, we ignore visiting a salon and spending time on ourselves. That is why our skincare becomes neglected. This eventually leaves us having dead skin peeling feet, cracked heels and dirty nail fillings. Our feet no less carries an ora of beautification in the overall appearance. Hence, the easiest option to get a pedicure is doing it at home. You would not believe but there are amazing natural ingredients are present in our kitchen and garden which can be the best pedicure aspects. So, here we have come up with these excellent natural ingredients with which you can do a pedicure at home only. Let us have a look:
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How to do a pedicure with natural ingredients?
It is not all a rocket science. Doing pedicure at home is very easy. you just have to have few ingredients. These are honey, honey, lemon, peppermint oil, almond paste, shampoo, salt. That’s it!

The Step by step guide of home pedicure:

Step 1: First of all you have to clean your nails. That is why just make some hot water and pour it in a tub or bucket where you could put your feet for soaking.

Step 2: Put a small pouch of shampoo and one teaspoonful of salt into the filled bucket. Now soak your feet in it for 10 minutes. This step is quite relaxing and feels like soak salt bath. (Also Read: Amazing Natural Face Toners For Glowing Skin)

Step 3: Take out your feet and take a nail cutter, filer and acetone. Now you have to cut and shape your nails gently. After doing it take some honey and sugar to make a natural scrub. Massage it on your feet for 5-6 minutes gently. Don’t overdo it to those feet.

Step 4: Wash your feet now and take out all the dead cells and skin from it with a foot-scrubber tool. Now apply some amount of almond paste, olive oil and lemon altogether. This will work like a great moisturiser and would give you a smooth finish. Here lemon is needed for a mild bleaching effect. Almond paste is important for a deep conditioning and moisturisation to your skin. Massage this for 15 minutes. This step is very important.

Step 5. After doing the moisturization, wash your feet gently with cold water and tap your feet with a clean towel. Your home pedicure is done. (Also Read: DIY Home Made Night Creams For A Healthy Skin)

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