How To Brighten Your Eyes And Look More Awake

How to Brighten Your Eyes and Look More Awake

We all experience puffy and dull eyes even after an hour of waking up in the morning. Our eyes carry a great aura in our overall look. That is why whenever eyes look puffy we look sick or having a hangover. So, this puffiness can ruin the morning office look. When water splashing does not work enough you should try some home remedies and regular care for that. Hence, we have come up with various solutions to make your eyes look brighter and more awake in the morning. Hope this helps. (Also Read: Common Eye Makeup Mistakes Which Hurt Our Eyes)

Using anti-ageing eye cream:
When you start ageing your under area gradually comes out and make you look older. That is why a high quality anti ageing eyes cream is much needed. So, every night before going to bed, your responsibility would be using an eye cream. Always take a small amount of cream on your rink finger top and massage gently around the eyes. Tap your eyes along orbital bone and brow bone.

De-puffing to the skin:
De-puffing is important to make your eyes look brighter. You can go for skin-tightening cream as another treatment option. You have to use a cooling applicator before bed to reduce the swelling and puffiness around your eyes.

Get thicker lashes:
If your eyelashes are thick, your eyes do not look much puffier. Use a good mascara to for better eyelashes. Moreover, if you want, you can add some artificial lashes too. It would make your look bolder and beautiful. Other than that, before going to bed, you can massage a little bit amount of castor oil and sleep well. It would help your natural lashes appear thicker. (Also Read: Five Most Effective Skincare Tips For Men)

Vibrant eyes liners:
If you sue vibrant eyeliners like blue or green, can make your eyes look good if you have puffiness. If you are using these type of colours to those eyes, the focus comes on the colour directly rather than the puffed eyes areas.

Use Citrus facewash and body wash:
Tea tree and lemon washes are great. It can make you feel refreshed for a longer time and they are great for the skin too. Moreover, citrus increase energy and alertness in our body. Even if you smell a citrus fruit can boost your brain and shake your senses. Hence, using a citrus facewash can help your eyes look awake and energetic. (Also Read: Fairness Tips For The Dull And Dry Skin)

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