How to brighten the skin tone of hands and feet in 1 week

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how to brighten skin tone of hands and feet in 1 week

Generally, people avoid taking care of hands and feet due to which both become dry and dull. The main reason for the bad look of hands and feet is harmful rays of sun and skin tanning. The colour of the hands and feet of many people is quite different from the face. In this case, people use beauty products that are available in the market but they are not effective for longer terms. In this regard, using some effective natural remedies and nutrients, you can enhance the tone of your hands and feet in one week. At the same time, your skin will remain hydrated and they will also get adequate nutrition. (Also read: How ginger is beneficial for skin)

Let’s know how the hands and feet can be brightened in a week.

Find foods with lactic acid
Lactic acid is an alpha hydroxide acid that is found in certain foods. This acid removes dead cells from the skin and prevents them from becoming dull. Yoghurt contains lactic acid. Apply the curd for 10 minutes on the hands and feet and then wash it with lukewarm water.

Citrus foods containing Vitamin C
Vitamin C is a food that is exfoliant and helps to clean your skin. Citrus acid maintains the pH level of your skin which helps in protecting the skin from the UV rays. (Also read: What are the ways to keep your skin well hydrated)

Keep hands and feet clean
Due to dirt, the skin of the hands and feet becomes black, lifeless, and even the pores are also closed. It is, therefore, necessary to keep hands and feet clean. To clean, use water instead of expensive cleanser.

Moisturize daily
Always use moisturizers after washing hands and feet. It retains the moisture of your skin. You can also use almond oil, aloe vera or coconut oil.

Exfoliation is quite effective for keeping the skin healthy. It helps to remove dead skin from your skin. With the help of oats or sugar, you can also exfoliate. Do this process one or two times a week. (Also read: Which natural ingredients you should add to your bath for better skin)

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