How to bleach skin with natural elements

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Bleaching is a very effective way to clean skin and hide unwanted hairs. But chemicals are used in the bleaching cream available in the market, which can damage your skin. But you can prepare bleaching cream at home by natural elements and avoid any side effects. The nutrients present in these natural elements can also make the skin healthy by improving the skin colour and reducing unwanted hairs. (Also read: What Are The Major Skin And Hair Benefits Of Dates)

Let us know how to bleach skin with natural elements:

bleach skin natural elements
Potatoes are natural bleaching agent, which tanning your skin and lightening unwanted hair. To use it, peel dry potatoes and tighten them and make a paste with a small quantity of rose water. Now put this paste on the face, neck and hands skin. After the drying of the paste, wash with water and use it daily. In this paste, people with dry skin can use lemon juice with honey and oily skin.

Tomato Pack
bleach skin natural elements
Make a tomato mash well to make tomato pack. Separate the seeds and juice with the help of a filter. Mix one spoon of curd in this juice and put it on the face and wash it with lukewarm water after drying. This remedy will help to clean your skin and soften the scars. (Also read:  How Lemon Juice Can Reduce Dark Spots On Face)

Cucumber Pack
bleach skin natural elements
Cucumber pack is very beneficial for cleaning and cooling the skin. To make it, peel a cucumber and take out its juice. Put a little aloe vera juice in this juice and apply it on face, neck and hands. After drying, wash the skin with water.

Orange peel pack
The orange peel contains vitamin C, which fits your skin and lightens the colour of the unwanted hair. To make this, make powder of orange peels dry in the sun thoroughly. Add a little honey and rose water to this powder and apply it on the face. After drying it, wash it off with normal water. (Also read: What is the right order to apply makeup on the face)

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