How to apply makeup: The right order to apply makeup on the face

How to apply makeup on the face

It is necessary to follow the right steps to apply makeup on the face to avoid any mistake.

How to apply makeup: Using your make up the right way and moving your hands correctly while applying makeup is a tricky task. Knowing the right order of applying the makeup is necessary. You can’t miss out on any step to avoid any spoilers to your make up. It has to be noted that each season demands different steps to prepare your skin for makeup. One should follow the right steps to have the perfect makeup according to your skin type. However, following the right steps to do makeup will make it more effective and your skin will not look like made up. Well, none of us like that cakey and dry patches on the face. The basic tip of having the right make up is, it should not bleed. (Also read: What are the various side effects of applying makeup to the skin)

How to apply makeup on the face correctly in step by step order

  • Preparing your skin
  • Applying foundation and concealer
  • Highlight your eyes:
  • Give colour to your cheeks
  • It’s time to make perfect pout lips

Preparing your skin

Preparing your skin for makeup is a must. Thus applying a primer is what you need the most. Setting up the right base for makeup will reduce the chances of any spoiling of makeup. If you have an oily skin, you should opt for something which has a matte skin however if you have a dull and dry skin, you should opt for something, which will enhance your face and complexion.

Applying foundation and concealer

How to apply makeup on the face
How to apply makeup on the face: The best way to apply foundation without creating patches.

Applying foundation and concealer is the next step. It depends upon your products that decide which one should you apply first. If you are using a liquid foundation then you can end it up by using a concealer. However, if you are using a dry or powdered foundation, then conceal your skin first. (Also read: How to make the makeup last longer on oily skin)

Highlight your eyes

How to apply makeup on the face
How to apply makeup: One must be careful while applying eye makeup


It’s the time when you should highlight the eyes. Make sure your eye make up do not fall on your cheeks. Apply eye shadow and highlight your eyes well. Then apply eyeliner and a thin line of Kohl, depending on your choice and the event you are going to. It is important that you highlight your eyebrows as well. It will give your eyes a complete and tidy look. Apply some mascara to give volume to your eyelashes.

Give colour to your cheeks

Now that you are done with your eyes. You should add a little colour to your cheeks. Adding on the right colour of blusher on your cheeks is a must step. The colour of your blush should be according to the time. If it’s a day event, don’t use a dark colour. However, if you are hitting the night event, try to highlight your cheeks with a darker shade.

It’s time to make perfect pout lips

Last but not the least is highlighting the lips. You should add colour to your lips according to the event. Make sure you outline your lips first and then fill your lips with the right lip shade. However, to make your lipstick last longer. Dab some powder on your lips by covering them with a napkin. Now apply one shade of lipstick. This way it will last longer, giving you a fresh look.  Click here is the best way to apply lipstick perfectly. to know in detail.

This was the step-by-step guide to apply makeup on the face perfectly and in the right order. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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