How sleeping on a silk pillow cover helps to improve skin and hair

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use silk pillow cover helps skin hair

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A good sleep is beneficial for your skin and hair. There is a certain factor that plays a vital role in the good health such as silk pillow cover. The silk pillow cover is very beneficial for a good sleep, which is also beneficial for the hair and skin. Using Silk Pillow cover instead of the cotton pillow cover is a very good for skin and healthy. On one hand, cotton pillow cover rubs your skin’s moisture due to which skin lost its moisture. On the other hand, silk pillow cover becomes skin sensitive. In the same way, silk pillow cover helps in keeping the hair moisture. (Also read: How to prevent hair fall with coconut milk)

Let’s know how to silk pillow cover is beneficial for hair and skin.

Slows down the ageing process of skin

Cotton Pillow cover absorbs night cream and serum as well as reduces the skin’s nutrients. But silk pillow cover keeps the moisture of the skin as well as keep the skin soft and thus slow down the ageing process.

Reduces hair fall

When you use silk pillow cover while sleeping, it eliminates the problem of hair fall. Cotton pillow cover weakens hair follicles, due to which the hair starts falling and also cause splitting of hair. But silk pillow cover keeps moisture in the hair, which helps to reduce hair fall and the problem hair splitting. (Also read: How To Remove Hair Dye Stain From The Skin)

Keeps the skin soft

The biggest reason for reducing wrinkles is the lack of collagen in the skin. Silk is a natural fibre that contains amino acids that maintain the pH level of the skin. Amino acid keeps the skin hydrated so that the skin moisture remains intact. In addition, the use of silk pillow cover moisturizes the skin so that the skin becomes soft.

Reduces skin irritation

Hypoallergenic silk fibre protects the skin from allergens such as fungus or spores, as well as relieves skin irritation. Because of this, gold on silk pillow cover reduces skin irritation. (Also read: The Ultimate Hack To Get Rid Of Frizzy Hair In Just A Minute)

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