How Rose Water Is Beneficial For Skin And Hair

How Rose Water Is Beneficial For Skin And Hair

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Rose petals have been a part of our beauty routine since ages. Not only in India, but women and men everywhere have recognized the beauty benefits of the rose petals. Roses are not just a gift for sight and smell, but also provide wonderful nourishment to the skin. [Also read: Amazing Natural Face Toners For Glowing Skin]

Evenly toned skin
Rose water is widely used to tone the skin. It can be easily prepared at the home. Just soak some rose petals in the water over. In the morning you can leave the petals in the water and use it, or you can strain the water. Either way, all you need to do is dip a cotton ball in the water and massage your face using it. It clears all the impurities from the skin, dust and pollution residue. Rose water is easily available in the market as well.

Clearing pimples and acne
Rose water mixed with lemon juice do wonders to the skin. Apply a generous amount of the mixture and massage your skin. Leave it for 15 minutes. Wash it with lukewarm water. With the first application itself, you will see a tremendous impact. Regular use of it can make your skin mark free and healthy. [Also read: Why Do We Get Pimples On The Same Spot Every Time]

Dry skin relief
Rose petals are wonderful in treating dry and dull skin. Use crushes rose petals, almonds and honey together. Prepare a face mask. Leave it on your face for 10 to 15 minutes. Then wash it off. It is really beneficial in treating dry and dull skin. Regular use of it can also help to lighten the skin.

Frizzy and dry hair
To tame the frizzy hair can be a nightmare for many. However, the rosewater is really helpful in the same. Mix the rosewater with aloe vera gel. Apply this blend to your hair. Leave it on for 30 minutes and then wash it off. This will help to keep the hair soft, silky and smooth.

Reduces anxiety and stress
The pleasing smell of roses can snap anyone out of the daily routine. Take a warm bath, just add rose petals to it. The pleasing aroma and soothing effect of rose petals help to reduce the stress and anxiety.  [Also read: How castor oil is useful for skin and hair]

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