How Red Wine Is Useful For Skin And Hair

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How Red Wine Is Useful For Skin And Hair

The royal drink ‘Red Wine’ is not only limited to serve the taste buds rather it has some hidden beauty benefits which can surprise you. The red wine is made up of black grape varieties and is infused with Antioxidants like Flavonoid, Tannin and Resveratrol, which can give amazing benefits to your skin and hair. The red wine also acts as an anti ageing agent by restoring collagen protein in the skin. Hence, below mentioned are some facts which prove that red wine is useful for skin and hair. [Also Read: What to eat for a glowing skin]

Prevents Acne:

The red wine is useful in preventing the acne. The antioxidant resveratrol which is present in red wine helps in fighting against bacteria that is responsible for acne. Thus, if you are worried about acne in your skin, a glass of red wine is beneficial for you. Also, you can apply red wine on your skin and see great results.

Makes Skin Glowing:

Polyphenols present in the red wine are responsible to make skin glowing. Also, red wine has the potential to turn a dull skin into a fairer one. Thus, spraying red wine on the face at least for 10 minutes can get you a glowing skin. [Also Read: Which Vitamins Are Necessary For Hair Growth]

Reduces Age Spots:

The red wine is extremely useful for the skin as it also helps in preventing ageing. It reduces the fine lines and wrinkles on the skin by restoring the protein collagen and elastic fibres. Also, it improves sagging skin. Hence, you can opt for red wine facial or can massage face by red wine along with essential oils.

Helps In Thickening Of Hair:

The presence of resveratrol in red wine helps in adequate blood circulation in the scalp promoting the growth of hair. Moreover, it also reduces the formation of dead cells on the scalp which in turn helps in thickening of hair. Thus, drinking red wine or using it on hair after shampoo can prove to be good. [Also Read: What Are The Benefits Of Using Henna On Hair]

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