How phone affects your skin

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how phone affects your skin

The phone has become an important part of life and plays a vital role in the everyday life. Nowadays, the phone has made many things easier for people like you can order anything online while sitting at home or you can get information about anything from around the world. Despite the phone have many advantages it also has a dark side as well. It has many side effects such as causing tension in the eyes and numbness of hands. Similarly, it is also harmful to the skin as we touch the phone with our hands which contains bacteria and germs. When your skin comes in contact with phone this bacteria and germ cause skin related problems such as acnes, pimples and stains. (Also read: What Are The Major Mistakes Make You Age Overnight)

Let’s know how the phone can affect your skin.


Many bacteria and germs are stored on the screen of our phone. When the phone comes in contact with your skin, these bacteria and germs affect your skin and cause acne problem. So, to avoid this problem, you should keep your phone clean with antibacterial wipes.


The heat from the phone enhances the production of melanin in your skin, causing stains on your skin which are known as hyperpigmentation. So to avoid this problem, you should use earphones. (Also read: How to get the perfect natural look using makeup)

Skin Infection

The phone is made of metal, which contains very harsh chemicals. When your phone comes in contact with your skin, these chemicals affects your skin and causes skin allergies and rashes.

Laxative of the neck skin

Keeping your neck constantly bent over your phone, decreases your skin’s elasticity, due to which the skin turns saggy and wrinkles also appear on the neck’s skin. (Also read: How to take care of oily skin during winters)

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